I love capturing the important events in people's lives. I thrive on the challenge of making a product look its best. I am enamored by the structure and beauty of a flower, a gentle landscape, and the mysteries that lie in the dark and the light.


My dad is an avid photography enthusiast. Growing up there was a darkroom in the house. Dad taught me to develop and print when I was about twelve years old. I remember earning my "Photo Badge" in Boy Scouts which was proudly displayed on my sash.   

Later I attended the Art Institute of Boston for a year of commercial photography training. Since then, making images has been my life, that's all I've ever done. Designing the shot, lighting the shot....that's me in a nutshell.  And I continue to study the art and craft of image making.    

A solid background, a ton of experience, exceptional images delivered.

"Andy's background in the media field does and will always go unmatched." Jason A. Seale

​Campus Coordinator, CSB School of Broadcasting

" If you've ever worked with someone who has found his niche and knows it - this guy is a winner." Mark G. Graff  VP, Para-Protect Services 

"To work with Andy is a joy. His professionalism, talent, candor, and resourcefulness are all top shelf" Donna Hills, SunBTV World Wide Group Manager